Empowering Healthcare

Healthcare Technology Services

We design,build and support innovative solutions that enhance the productivity of clinicians.  We also provide support services that augment your existing support personnel.  CyberSavants creates additional value for our health care clients, who increasingly rely heavily on hardware, software and information technology to operate, compete and prosper in the health care industry.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

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Service Desk

The personal computer and wireless computing devices have become ubiquitous productivity tools for the enterprise and its user community. The inability to leverage these tools at any given time leads to frustrations for the user, diminishes productivity within the enterprise, and can impair overall mission performance. Over the years, the challenge of supporting and maintaining these devices has become more complex with the introduction of new technologies and more integrated applications designed to deliver greater computing and communication capability. Without adequate investment in proper tools, processes, training, and backing by a strong IT governance structure, the enterprise service desk can become a bottleneck to realizing the full productivity potential of the organization and its user community. Many of today’s enterprise service desks are plagued by high turnover, a lack of broad training, poor process and tracking procedures, and insufficient tools.  The Service or Help Desk must be seen as a powerful strategic arm of your organization.  We can help.  Contact us to discuss

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Keeping Pace with Technology

It all happens so fast.  Keeping pace with new technologies is challenging—especially if you’ve fallen behind.  Staying apace of rapidly evolving technologies and the innovative practices they enable remains a major challenge for business leaders concerned with creating and maintaining a competitive edge. As digital innovations emerge that require continuous upgrading of technological infrastructure, hardware and software, as well as training personnel, businesses are being called on to be more creative and strategic than ever.  We can help. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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Network Design

Immutable laws of network design.  Network engineers must absolutely “know” not guess at what is going on in their environment.  Networks are inherited, many admins may touch them, and they’re frequently changed in a fit of fury, troubleshooting or testing. When documenting a network or committing even a minor change, you should always look, verify and know–never guess.  You certainly can’t manage what you can’t see. Visibility into the network has always been important, and it’s going to be even more essential as networks evolve to solve the demands of virtualization and applications. Know what you have, where it is, and monitor it constantly.  Our certified engineers are prepared to work closely with you on solving those thorny performance issues.  Contact us to discuss

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Financial Services

Financial Services is an immensely complex and constantly evolving industry. Emerging business trends and a new competitive landscape are developing on the heels of one of the most difficult economic slowdowns our generation has witnessed. Heightened regulatory requirements and increasing marketplace demands are putting unprecedented strain on IT departments, and Financial Services providers are finding it difficult to keep pace with the growing demands on technology.
CyberSavants industry expertise combined with our proven delivery capabilities uniquely positions us to provide IT consulting and technology services to the Financial Services industry. By focusing on the business drivers that impact IT departments, CyberSavants partners with some of the leading technology providers to deliver business-oriented technology solutions and services across the Financial Services industry.  Contact us to discuss

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Mobile Development


To delight your customers, mobile apps must be visually compelling. But the apps we build are more than just eye candy. They’re designed to make you money. Our mobile application development process is both efficient and cost-effective. We analyze your key customer interactions—and identify opportunities to boost your bottom line on a mobile platform. Then we build the most efficient viable product possible to get you in business quickly—and affordably.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

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Professional Training Services

Education, the imparting or acquisition of knowledge and skill.  With all of our different offerings you can choose how you want to learn: at your own pace online, as part of a group in one of our workshops, or in a one-on-one setting.  Learn Java, C++, Web languages and more from a Savant.

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